Why not an EDI Solution?

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Why not an EDI Solution?

Everybody knows that the implementation of information systems such as ERP, CRM, WMS, OMS and so on that are required to sustain your business can be extremely complicated and in some cases could take years depending on the size of the business, however everyone also knows that when these implementations are complete it is not the end, it is just the beginning. What comes after is as important, that’s when you should integrate these systems to other systems you may have or to the outside world: the systems of your customers and those of your suppliers. Data that needs to be transacted between the various systems are numerous and this article is dedicated to explaining what EDI is and what we, at S9 Tech, are doing in this space.


There are hundreds of business documents that can be exchanged between trading partners. And Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) has become the preferred method since 70’ of transferring data between B2B companies.


Any type of business that deals with large amounts of identical paperwork/form data can directly benefit from adopting an EDI solution. The benefits of using a paper system are clear:


  • Savings in time and cost, and reduce environmental impact
  • Increase responsiveness and customer service
  • Increasing volume of transactions
  • Reduced error rates in data transfer
  • Better meet customer demands and requirements
  • Improved security of data being transferred: authentication, data integrity, and other measures are used to conduct EDI transactions in secure environment
  • Reliability – make sure your data are reaching destination


Because of the large offer of EDI solutions in the market, it is not easy for companies to identify the right solutions to implement, especially considering its implementation will also have an impact on the IT structure of the company.
To facilitate the choice of companies and the implementation, we at S9 Tech have conceived a new EDI solution with the following key features.


Product of Software as a Service (SaaS) : clients can choose if they want their EDI software and database to be hosted on internal computers or stored remotely, and accessed anytime they need via the internet. If a client decides to go with the remote solution, S9 Tech can provide EDI as SaaS (Software as a Service) and the related “cloud” computing. Because hosted remotely, the SaaS requires no IT support, no additional hardware, and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. Also, if computers go down, the client’s data is backed up and available on the partner’s servers.


The entire software industry is slowly heading in this direction. if you want to be ahead of curve and ready for the future, a web-based SaaS solution is the way to go. S9 Tech solution is designed to increase agility, reduced capital expenditures, improve service levels and reduce overall costs.


Modularity: S9 Tech EDI Engine is equipped with a library of “add-ons” that can handle any EDI standards of different industries, applications or trading partners. It enables clients and their trading partner to exchange EDI documents in any format. It can be an industry based standard like UN/EDIFACT, ANSI X12 or cXML or a proprietary format, which might be specific to the client’s trading partner or its business system or the environment.


S9 Tech solution can handle any transmission protocol including SMTP (email), (S)FTP, HTTP(S), AS2 and others. S9 Tech solution sends EDI documents and files securely over the Internet from your network to a trading partner’s network via B2BE’s server environment.


Flexible Licensing: thanks to its modularity and scalability clients can subscribe just for the time they need the license without buying the full solution and can choose the modules that suit their needs.


A solution across Industry: S9 Tech EDI engine is a unique solution for any industries. Most of the solutions in the market focus on very specific industries, product lines or even individual retail chains. Our solution is designed with the purpose to exchange documents whatever they are and whatever is the context.


Scalability: Both as a product and a service our solution can grow with the client’s business. We can set up a solution based on volume and fine tuning it if the volume will increase.


If you are interested to know more about S9 Tech solution please Contact Us and check our LinkedIn for follow up articles.