The Two Minute Interview

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The Two Minute Interview

Who are you?
We are S9 Tech, an innovative, independent technology, and consultancy company providing a single source of comprehensive IT solutions. With our values of heart, honesty, simplicity, trust, and partnership, we tailor creative IT solutions delivered by our skilled team to transform your business.


What is your connection with the Ealing Chamber of Commerce? 
We are based in west London and became members of the organization a few months ago.


Where did the original concept for your business come from?
S9 Tech comes from the idea of making IT simple, creative and cost-effective for any business. We understand Technology has become much more than what it used to be just a few years ago, its complexity and density is something many clients don’t want to hear about. For instance, communication, Apps, Consultancy, Network, Security, and Design are just some of the 9 domain s of Technologies that S9 Tech stands for.


Which one business achievement over the last 12 months are you most proud of and why?
Our partnership with two Global technology companies such as Centiro and Intershop. These companies are global retail and logistic tech solution companies with a major client is the sector, thanks to our reputation in the field they approached us to be their referral partners in the UK. Some of their clients are BMW, IKEA , Miele and so on.


‘If there is one thing I hate about my job it’s…’ There is
None! We love our company and the team, besides, in the Technology world, we don’t use the word hate.


If you were advising a young entrepreneur which business person would you suggest as a model?
I can’t give you only one name, there are tons of people doing amazing things these days, in any field and in any media. I think a person with passion about work becomes a business model regardless the business they are in.


If you could change one thing in your business what would it be and why?
We will always keep on improving everything and anything we can, there is always room to make things better. S9 Tech is a relatively new company in the industry and growing to became a recognized company in retail and logistics industries as a total IT solution provider within the next two years is our vision, so there is still plenty of room for changes.


If you were Mayor of London for a day, what would be the first thing you would change?
Easier access to SMEs for funding as well as helping them to go through the complex and long process es of applying government scheme.


What does the future hold for your business and how do you intend to capitalise on that?
Technological advancement has enabled Businesses to accomplish the unimaginable.


For instance, Big data, cloud, Internet of things and mobile technology are innovating logistics and e-commerce faster than ever. At S9 tech, it is a culture to master these and help partners adopt/adapt business processes into this ever-evolving digital era.


Our POD is the ability to design and reconfigure systems to suit industry-specific standards, thus enabling businesses to maximize their full potential.


Why is S9 Tech different than the rest of IT companies?
Because we are Creative IT solutions finders. Our passion for IT, honest approach and skills allow us to help our clients to flourish their business and became partners. We don’t look for clients when we do business development, we look for partners that want to be with us in a Forever relationship.


Our large range of IT services permit clients to come to us with any query or need.