How Good is Azure? And how do you pronounce it?

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How Good is Azure? And how do you pronounce it?

It’s funny how at our office we keep joking about the pronunciation of Azure, some pronounce it with a Z (azzurr) and some with a J (ajure). The matter to the fact is, it doesn’t really matter how you pronounce it, the power of Azure (or let’s say Microsoft Cloud) is proving to be endless, and it is here to stay. Now the new game is: Is there anything Azure can’t do??


As an organisation, we have been using Azure since our inception (which is over two years now) and we have been learning new things ever since. Microsoft is investing $12B yearly on their R&D most of which goes into developing their cloud services. They are spending $10B yearly on their data centers and were on track to spend $20B annually by 2018.


Instead of listing what Azure has to offer, which is a lot more than this post can take, let me talk to you about the services we use for our needs as S9 Tech and for the needs of our clients.


We are hosting complete Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 environments, utilizing Azure computing power for virtual machines (VM) and Azure SQL DB for fully resilient and geographically replicated databases with 30-day any-point restore as standard.


Office 365 mailbox backup is another service we are running for a client of ours on Azure as well as four fully resilient websites taking advantage of the easily configured WebApps. We are also running our own developed applications on the app environment, which offers development, testing, staging and production environments as standard.


The buck doesn’t stop there, we are hosting an e-commerce platform running on a multi-tenant WordPress/WooCommerce that we developed and customised for one of our clients, converting their brilliant and innovative idea into a fully functional business offering.


However, being an IT organisation, we know that systems will fail and services will be interrupted for one reason or another, and it is never the matter of if the service fails how do we recover, it’s the matter of when it fails, what tools have we got to recover quickly with minimal damage!


The power of Azure does not end at services we can get, it is the after-sales support that we receive without having to pay for extended warranties or expensive support agreements. One example I always quote (yet there are many), is an incident involving one of Azure SQL databases for a Microsoft Dynamics NAV being unreachable. It took Microsoft support agent less than 10 minutes to call me on my mobile after the incident was reported on Azure portal, and he stayed on the case like a hawk until the issue was resolved. And the case was not closed until a root cause was communicated and a corrective action was implemented.


As much as I believed in Microsoft at the time, I was in awe! How can a large organisation like Microsoft offer such a brilliant support service? But then again that’s what $10B a year could do.


We believe in Microsoft Cloud and happy to talk about it whether you call it azzurr or Ajure!


We have experienced it first hand and know what you would get, give us a call or visit us on


Tamer Alamad
CEO @ S9 Tech