Why Do We Love Azure?

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Why Do We Love Azure?

Everyone that knows S9 Tech, has probably noticed that we are great advocates of Microsoft Azure. Not for the mere reason of business but because we truly believe in its large range of benefits.


The first reason we would like to mention is how easy it is to connect your local network to your Azure resources. Thanks to the Azure ExpressRoute customers can create private network connections to AzureDynamics 365, Skype for Business and Office 365. The Express route bypasses the Internet and it offers faster speeds, less latency and more reliability than typical Internet connections.


Azure allows customers to decide the right location for their Pivotal Cloud Foundry deployments, allowing them to maintain agility whilst complying with data sovereignty laws and other regulatory requirements. Another great benefit that Azure offers, is how easy it is for customers to manage their resources from anywhere at any time and on any device.


Furthermore, Azure offers a first-class recovery service. Azure Site Recovery can protect Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware and physical servers, in addition, you can use Azure or your secondary data center as your recovery site. As an Azure customer, you can spend more to get more. If you want something done faster or with a higher volume, you can use Azure to put more resources to work. Therefore, no matter whether it be seasonality or whatever change in need, the customer will not need to restructure the infrastructure of the business.


Finally, Azure’s security enables secure and seamless login for their users – business to business or for individuals. Customers can use their Facebook or LinkedIn accounts to log in. Not storing user credentials means the customer is less likely to be hacked.


As a Microsoft Silver Partner and a cloud solution provider, we are proud to have Azure in our portfolio of services.


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