How Office 365 can ease GDPR compliance

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How Office 365 can ease GDPR compliance

With GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) fast approaching, many businesses are busy trying to assess the impact this will have on their companies, the path to compliance and in many cases, the investment required and in particular the investment they will undoubtedly have to put in IT and data. Although many businesses do not like Cloud services, using it can actually help companies be compliant and reduce the burden on businesses.


Many would suggest that Microsoft’s Office 365 solution is exactly what most businesses need to meet their GDPR requirements. Microsoft offers a variety of tools in Office 365 to help its administrators manage complicated data compliance regulations. The following tools can help the business become compliant with the law.


  1. Data Loss Prevention or DLP is a built-in feature of Office 365 that identifies sensitive or personal content and it automatically prevents its users from uploading or sharing the data externally or internally. Data Loss Prevention recognises 80 common sensitive data-types covering financial services, healthcare and personal identifiable information.
  2. Data Governance or Advanced Data Governance is a tool that sets policies across Office 365 and it helps you identify how long to keep and when is the best time to remove data from your servers.
  3. eDiscovery a tool which allows the user to search meta-data and further textual information contained within e-mail and Sharepoint. This can help you identify documents or content that could be subject to a compliance investigation or similar request.
  4. Advanced Security Management spots trends such as high-risk or irregular usage. This visibility can also alert you of potential breaches.
  5. Audit Logs is another Office 365 tool that provides comprehensive logging and reporting about the activity your users are undertaking. This allows you to find and investigate security and compliance issues.
  6. Furthermore, Office 365 offers a tool called Advanced Threat Protection that scans for viruses, malware and a variety of other threats. This will help with the prevention of malicious attachments landing with your users. The scanning engine can detect high-risk links contained in the e-mail.
  7. Finally, Threat Intelligence provides deep insights, leveraging Microsoft’s extensive reach and business scale, allowing them to learn about new and emerging threats before they can impact your business.


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