Online Dating: How to Find Your Perfect IT Partner

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How to find your perfect IT partner

Online Dating: How to Find Your Perfect IT Partner


Growing business WLTM like-minded professional to establish LTR. Good communication, understanding and support essential. ISO full credentials and recommendations – proof of relationship success required.  Serious enquiries only.

You know that your business needs help with its IT. But finding an IT partner is a minefield – once you have sifted through the jargon do you swipe left, right, private message or go all out and opt for that first date?  S9 Tech lifts the lid on why you should be looking for your perfect match and the “IT factor” that could just guarantee you a partner for life.


Finding a technology provider you can trust and who understands the needs of your business can be a tough gig. There are a number of key things you need to consider, before signing on the dotted line.


As the speed of business and technology increases, and as knowledge spreads, it is becoming easier every day to set up an online business offering a technology service and support. To sort the wheat from the chaff, ensure that the service you receive is not below standard and is in fact exactly matched to your business offering, provides high levels of service, expert knowledge, cutting-edge tech and bespoke software. Sounds like a dream hey? So how do you find these elusive IT professionals? Asking a few probing questions is normally a good start.


Are they proactive or reactive?  With a pro-active managed approach, you will experience the full advantage of a managed service which will result in better service delivery, improved up-time and more efficient processes.


Cyber Security, Data Management and Data Loss. What are their processes, procedures and thoughts on Cyber Security? How do they protect your data?


Vendor Partners and Vendor Management. Who are their partners and what is their relationship/process for escalation to vendors? Do they keep ‘good company’ in the industry?


Do they ‘add value’ to your business? Do they offer software that supports your unique processes within your industry? Are they going to improve your productivity? What are they going to offer you and your business over and above the norm? How are they going to add value to your business? Delve into this subject and probe for an answer.


Communication. Without constant communication, updates, calls and meetings the relationship will break down. If the direction of the business shifts, the technology partner needs to know to ensure the right technology is used to assist in the transition. Find out what their view is on communication and how they plan to keep you in the loop.


Company background. Ask for a face to face, Skype call or at least a call with a couple of their current clients to discuss their relationship and performance.


Pricing. If you’re looking for the cheapest, you’re NOT going to get the best service. Be competitive, yes of course – but fixed pricing means they are confident in their offering.


Accreditations. Research what the industry accreditations are for that specific technology, and check that theirs is relevant. Are they a member of any governing bodies?


Do they talk in technical jargon or real business terms? As discussed, your time is better spent working on your business. The last thing you want is to spend time translating technical jargon. Ensure they speak to you in plain English and about business advantages, not tech specs and tech performance reports.


Technology Road Map.  Implementing a new technology solution is easy, the hard bit is supporting and keeping it relevant.  Ensure your technology partner works with you to create a 3-5 year technology roadmap that aligns with your business goals.


So, remember that when looking for your next technology partner, you need to ensure you’re in a mutually beneficial relationship.  Your IT is vital for your reputation – poor service delivery, up-time, data management and loss, cybersecurity and legal implications linked to tech could just be your downfall if your “partner” doesn’t have your back.


For more information please contact the expert team at S9 Tech to find out if this could be the start of a beautiful relationship.