How IT Is Helping Retailers This Christmas

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How IT Is Helping Retailers This Christmas


At no other time than Christmas is it more apparent that retail is alive and kicking.

It is an inescapable fact that brick-and-mortar stores have had to adapt to the new competition of online resellers over the last two decades, but technology is playing a key role in the fight.


Many retail companies know they want to deploy innovative technologies that will improve productivity and efficiency, but they often don’t know where to start. When it comes to IT, a bit of hesitation can actually be a good thing. Rather than rushing to deploy the latest technologies that are creating buzz at trade shows, retailers should ensure that their solutions meet their business needs and help their employees to be more productive. This is not to say that retailers should drag their feet when it comes to new IT investments — only that they should be strategic about such initiatives, and mindful about connecting disparate technologies in a way that optimises benefits. Any good IT partner will work with retailers to help develop appropriate strategies.


As a retailer your IT system needs to


  1. Reduce inventory costs
  2. Improve customer satisfaction
  3. Automate your inventory control
  4. Facilitate inventory control by detecting price errors and missing merchandise
  5. Keep track of your margins
  6. Improve your forecasting
  7. Adopt a just-in-time relationship with suppliers
  8. Keep your customer data secure and compliant


Stores that make better use of that data than their competitors can greatly improve productivity and efficiency. They also need to ensure that their IT infrastructure is robust enough to support both mobile and other technology as well as the physical security and remote management capabilities.

S9 Tech has been working with retailers over the festive period to make sure that their technology won’t let them down.  As well as integrating their globally utilised Duties etc. system to calculate duty payments required on overseas merchandise, their MeshEDI  and ERP software has also been playing a key role in total connectivity and real time transparency.  Coupled with S9 Tech’s expertise in cloud computing and seamlessly integrating a number of systems, retailers can be rest assured that they can get on with the job of ensuring that they have a season of happy customers and a successful future.


For a sprinkle of Christmas magic over your IT systems contact S9 Tech to find out more about how we can help.