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Goo.gl is dead. Don’t panic, here’s what to do next to shorten your URLs.

We never like to be the bearer of bad news.  But if you didn’t already know, the end of March saw goo.gl – Google’s URL shortener – come to the end of its lifetime. Customers that have been using the service will no longer be able to do so after March 30, 2019. If you’re one of them that means you’ll need to find an alternative link shortener.


What is a URL shortener?

In basic terms a URL shortener is a simple tool that takes a long URL and turns it into a short one. It’s much simpler to share a short and memorable URL than a lengthy one, especially when those lengthy URLs contain random numbers in them.


When should you use one?

In essence – anytime you want! But there are a few instances where link shortening is essential:


Whenever you are sharing a link in a public setting. From links in your presentations, to networking and sharing in forums, you should be using a link shortening tool to help pretty up the link and help you to track your click-throughs.


When posting a link across multiple sites on the web and social profile bios. It’s a lot easier to track and change one link in one place, rather than hunt down all versions of it posted across your marketing channels and make the necessary changes.


Sending emails.  Some systems depend on shortening inks in order to send emails due to the mail servers redirect code being incompatible with longer URLs or if your URLs are too long the links can break and your recipient will be left to cut and paste the link back together.


So what should you do now?

It’s never fun to be forced to switch tools or platforms, but this is actually a good opportunity to re-evaluate URL shorteners and switch to something more robust.

Here’s the good news: with the new URL shortener from S9 Tech, you’ll still have all the benefits you’ve come to know and love at goo.gl.  Here are some of the best things about switching and why you will love it!


Promote your brand

 Studies show that users are around 75% more likely to share a shortened link that contains meaningful words instead of a random string of characters. When you use branded short URLs, you deliver a valuable, memorable brand impression even when users don’t click on your link.


Get access to even more data

 Go beyond the visual aspect and simply tracking link clicks. You can get quick and easy access to information about who is clicking, such as the user’s location and browser. You can also tag your links and create custom categories, making it simple to keep track of certain campaigns or audience segments.



As a company renowned for its expertise in cyber security, S9 Tech has your back when it comes to security too. Unlike some other URL shorteners, your data stays private and can’t be accessed by competitors.  All links are HTTPS. If you’re not sure what this means, rest assured it’s a good thing. HTTPS connections help make the browsing experience more secure by preventing eavesdropping or tampering by third parties.


Switch to a URL shortener you can count on

 With the demise of goog.le, Google has introduced Firebase Dynamic Links as a replacement. But it isn’t a like for like product as you need set up an app to receive Dynamic Links. It is also primarily designed to convert your mobile site users to app users. If you don’t have an app for your business, this still leaves you without a URL shortening provider.

As well as the added bonus of being FREE, S9 Tech has developed the one of the more robust link shorteners out there with the added benefit of high-level security and first class support. While with S9 Tech URL shortener, you can still shorten your URL the old easy way, entering your existing URL, and receiving back a short one. No long set up, no downloads, no hassle.


By simply typing in your existing URL with one click S9 Tech will generate your shortened URL – It is that simple.

The time is upon us to switch from Goo.gl to a new platform—but with all of the benefits you’ll be getting, you’ll be glad you did.


To shorten your URL today visit: https://s9tech.co.uk/url-shortener