Cyber Essentials: Just how essential is it?

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Cyber Essentials: Just how essential is it?

Cyber safety is increasingly important for all businesses to incorporate into their systems and departments. We recently touched on how businesses can make sure their employees can be made more aware of cyber security. The UK Government-led incentive the Cyber Essentials Scheme is helping SMEs with cost-effective cyber security. It is however, both surprising (and alarming) how many businesses are not taking cyber threats seriously.


You snooze, you lose.

Like with many new initiatives, the early birds really do get the worm and are the ones who benefit the most. The Cyber Essentials Scheme is now being widely recognised as an industry standard, so those who recognised this have proved they are forward-thinking when it comes to cyber security. The scheme provides a cost-effective means of protecting sensitive data and reducing the opportunity for a cyber-attack.


Underestimate security issues and risk losing customers

For any business with even a small online presence, cyber security is a must-have. Prospective customers and clients are increasingly aware of the value of their data and may choose to look elsewhere if there is a risk of security. The number of businesses that don’t see the value of proper cyber security is concerning. Protecting your valuable business assets is key and is comparative to leaving a van full of tools unlocked overnight. Would you be so careless with your business essentials?


Basic cyber security assurance in one place

Rather than seeking accreditations from many different sources, the Cyber Essentials Scheme creates an industry standard that is accessible for businesses of all sizes. It also stands to reason that possessing the Cyber Essentials Scheme (or having an IT supplier who does) are rewarded with good quotes from insurers.


The Government is making Cyber Essentials essential for their contracts
The Government is ensuring that this new phase of cyber security awareness is rolled out with its contracts and suppliers. The scheme so far has awarded in excess of 6,000 certificates to date. Now, with this new initiative, the scheme will surely see more certificates awarded as suppliers of the Government set the bar for cyber compliancy. Can your business afford to be left behind?


Cyber Essentials: supporting business operations
The demand for cyber security compliance is rapidly changing, as many companies are seeing just how vital it is in supporting business operations. It is no longer an option for companies to keep ignoring cyber security as part of their business operations. Cyber security through the Cyber Essentials scheme will benefit companies of all sizes and types and any contracted It provider should not be without one.


The consequences of poor cyber security
Poor cyber security has many consequences for all types businesses. It’s not just the risk of losing a few email addresses; it can be company-wide and devastating. Sensitive data such as financial records and banking details getting into the wrong hands doesn’t bear thinking about. Many sectors and businesses understand that cyber security verified by the Cyber Essentials Scheme is a benchmark worth achieving.


A mature approach to cyber security
The cyber security industry is gaining momentum, as more companies begin to recognise that working with businesses who have cyber security credentials has its advantages. Big firms such as Barclays, BT and Vodafone have all encouraged their suppliers to be early adopters of the Cyber Essentials Scheme.
If you would like guidance on achieving the Cyber Essentials certificate, or are looking for a reputable IT company that can demonstrate its credentials in cyber security, contact one of our expert Cyber Security team today.