Cloud computing

Save budget on your hardware.

Why Cloud?

When you are looking to grow your business, or simply to save budget on expensive hardware, cloud computing allows you to avoid these up-front costs. S9 Tech helps you to allow your company to focus on your core businesses instead of spending time and money on computer infrastructure. With Cloud, your applications will run faster, longer and safer.

The growth of the cloud computing platform is changing the landscape of technology in business. Every day more and more corporates are reaping the benefits of the agile, responsive, cost-effective cloud services. At S9 Tech we can help you asses which cloud services best meet your business needs in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Our highly skilled UK-based project managers can help your business with a wide range of cloud services:

Cloud Strategy and Business Analysis

Cloud deployment and services integration

Project Management

Store, back up and recover data in the Cloud

Cloud deployment and services integration

Disaster recovery

Why S9 Tech?

We are independent

As independents, we naturally customize and personalise services. S9 Tech’s expert IT consultants offer assistance and unique guidance to help businesses in gaining understanding about the advantages of cloud computing.

We are compliant

Protecting your data is our main concern, therefore at S9 Tech, we always ensure to follow cloud security best practices to offer you private, secure and reliable Cloud for your business to operate at its best without compromising the security of your data, privacy or compliance.

Our solutions

Whether you are a small, medium or large business we have cloud solutions that will suit your needs. We mix expertise, experience, and instinct to set industry standards. Our extensive experience in Office applications, Office 365 and Microsoft Azure, can revolutionise your business.

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