Delivery Management

Transparency and visibility.

Delivery Management Solutions

With reports that only around 35% of companies currently have transport management software in place, you may be wondering what purpose a delivery and transport management system has within the supply chain, and what benefits it could bring to you if you are a retailer, distributor or wholesaler.


With the booming e-commerce market, retailers and logistics providers are handling more volume of goods requiring delivery than ever before. With the 24 hour delivery expectation, consumers are becoming ever more demanding for faster and more efficient delivery options.


As a result, the need for increased transparency and visibility across the supply chain is in high demand. The requirement for a sophisticated delivery and transport management system that gives retailers and logistics companies full control over the delivery lifecycle, has grown exponentially.

Benefits of S9 Tech’s Delivery and Transport Management Software

With the multitude of full solution products on the market, not all of which would be required for your individual business, can make choosing the right system and integration very difficult. S9 Tech’s industry experts can help choose the right product to fit your business requirements, whether it is a simple carrier selection and label printing solution, or a comprehensive transport management solution.

In depth business intelligence reporting

Reduce costs associated with planning

Optimise routes and efficiency to boost profits

Environmental benefits due to more fuel-efficient routes

Visibility and transparency with integrated systems

State of the AI that delivers efficiency and growth

Anticipate market trends and consumer behaviour

Minimise order errors, tracking enquiries and issues

Improve customer satisfaction with accurate delivery windows

For more information on Delivery Management systems from S9 Tech, contact one of our expert team today to find out how we can help your business.