Mesh EDI

Integrates with and links systems together.

MeshEDI is a bespoke middleware messaging software developed by S9 Tech, deliberately designed and built as an integrated system application. MeshEDI integrates with and links systems together, offering one to one, one to many and many to many connections. MeshEDI allows you to:


Connect with your customers and engage on every platform


Break down barriers to your business and support your customers


Feel safe knowing your messaging complies to international standards


Upgrades are done automatically with zero impact on your operations

Do you need to integrate your EDI documents into ERP or link your SAP, Oracle, Sage or Microsoft Dynamics to streamline your processes?

Whether it’s the traditional EDI with files exchanged over FTP, or web services and API messaging for real-time transactions, MeshEDI covers it all. By enabling you to seamlessly integrate any EDI documents into any accounting system, we help to eliminate errors and increase your productivity. Benefits for you include:

Improved business engagement

Complete audit trail, alerts and detailed reporting are available

Increased business activity

Automated business processes

Up-to-date information

Improved visibility

Significant savings and cost effectiveness

Increased business resilience

Suitable for businesses of any size

Compliance with standards

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